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Working with the test case

  • Editing files, effective way
  • Test case directory contains the computational mesh and all configuration files with boundary conditions, initial conditions, constants of models, solver parameters, etc.
  • The test case structure is typically the same
  • An example of minimal configuration of test case directory:
nameOfTheTestCaseTest case directory
img92 1 1 systemSolver parameters
     img92 1 1 controlDictComputation options
     img92 1 1 fvSchemesNumerical schemes options
     img92 1 1 fvSolutionLinear solver options
img92 1 1 constantConstant data (physics)
     img92 1 1 polyMeshMesh directory
     img92 1 1 transportPropertiesFluid properties
     img92 1 1 turbulencePropertiesTurbulence properties
img92 1 1 0Directories with time layers (results)