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Latin symbols

img3 1    skin friction coefficient
img2 2    specific heat capacity
img4 1    diffusion coefficient
img5 1    gravity force
img6 3    internal energy
img7 1    surface normal
img8 4    pressure
img9 2    heat flux
img10 1    source term
img11 2    time in general
img12 2    time time step
img13 2    velocity components
img14 2    velocity vector
img15 2    friction velocity
img16 3    velocity components
img17 2    velocity components
img18 2    space coordinates
img19 2    space step
img20 4    vector of space coordinates
img21 3    space coordinates
img22 2    space coordinates
img23 3    general variable
img24 3    general constant
img25 2    concentration
img26 2    test case number
img27 1 1    diameter
img28 2    cell volume
img29 2    rate-of-deformation tensor
img30 2    Deborah number
img31 2    vector of viscous fluxes
img32 2    vector of viscous fluxes
img33 2    spring constant
img34 2    vector of viscous fluxes
img35 2    characteristic length
img36 2    velocity gradient
img37 2    Péclet number
img38 4    characteristic radius
img39 2    vector of viscous fluxes
img40 1    Reynolds number
img41 1    vector of viscous fluxes
img42 4    physical time
img43 3    vector of viscous fluxes
img44 2    stress tensor
img45 4    mean velocity
img46 2    vector of unknowns
     anti-symmetrical part of velocity gradient
img48 3    Weissenberg number