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Computational grid preparation

  • In the ideal case, the area of the projection of the car into the inlet plane should be less than 1% of the inlet area. The same condition should be satisfied for side projection of a car into the sides of the computational domain.
  • A mesh of a reasonable quality is excessively large in this case. For testing purposes we will use a smaller mesh; it will contain less cells than would be otherwise necessary to achieve trustworthy results.
  • The case setup is on enclosed training materials. Copy the corresponding directory to your run directory.
    # cp -r .../training/run/carNoMotor $FOAM_RUN
    # cd $FOAM_RUN /carNoMotor
  • View the STL model in ParaView.
    # paraview constant/triSurface/combi.stl
  • The mesh will be created using the standard OpenFOAM mesh generator snappyHexMesh, which is the automatic hexa-dominant mesh generator that can mesh the geometry in the (e.g.) STL format. The utility snappyHexMesh is the best choice to mesh our test case.

Figure: STL car model