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Test case description

  • The aim of this chapter is to set up, run and evaluate a simulation of the external aerodynamics of a car.
  • There are two cases to run. The first one deals with the incompressible air flow around a car body. The second one has a very similar setup but a slightly different geometry: the flow around a car body with an engine compartment is simulated. This modification shows that even such a simple change can bring more realistic results.
  • The engine’s heat exchanger in the engine compartment will be modeled as a porous zone.
  • In both presented cases we are going to use the inlet boundary condition for velocity with a parabolic profile in the boundary layer.
  • Test case parameters:
    Inlet velocity: 163
    Car dimensions are circa 164
    Kinematic air viscosity: 165
    Reynolds number: 166
    Incompressible steady state flow

Figure: OpenFOAM tutorial. Model of car in basic mesh