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Running test case

  • To run the test case use:

    # ./Allrun.sh

  • Or use scripts separately:

    # meshFactory/makeMesh.sh
    # ./runCalculation.sh

  • 43 Multi-region cases must be opened separately. Use command paraFoam with switch -region, use the following command to open paraview for the room region :

    # paraFoam -region room

  • Other way to open the results is to use switch -touchAll

    # paraFoam -touchAll

    which generates .OpenFOAM file for all regions. These files can be then opened together in paraview. This approach is used in Allrun.sh script

  • 44 Multi-region case can be opened by loading file roomWithRadiator.foam in ParaView or by using command paraFoam.

    # paraFoam

CFDsupport advanced training roomWithRadiator temperature results 3000seconds 2

Figure: roomWithRadiator temperature after 3000 seconds