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OpenFOAM Installation Directory

OpenFOAMBasic Directory
$ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ OpenFOAM-devDirectory with a given OpenFOAM
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ applicationsApplications and their sources
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ binScripts for compiler
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ docDocumentation
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ etcConfiguration files
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ platformsShared libraries
         $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ platformName= architecture+compiler+precision+options
             $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ binScripts and application binary files
             $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ libBinary files of libraries
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ srcSource code of libraries
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ tutorialsTutorials – preset test cases
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ wmakeDirectives for compiler