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Running the case

  • Delete all time directories except 0 generated during previous computation.
  • Run the test case:

    # interFoam > log &

  • The case can also be run in parallel:

    # cp $WM_PROJECT_DIR/tutorials/incompressible/simpleFoam/\
    turbineSiting/system/decomposeParDict.ptschotch ./system/

    # mv system/decomposeParDict.ptscotch system/decomposeParDict

  • Edit following line in system/decomposeParDict:
        numberOfSubdomains 4;
        method          scotch;
    # decomposePar

    # mpiexec -np 4 interFoam -parallel > log &

    # reconstructPar

  • View results:
    # paraFoam
longMixerAlphaEnd 1

Figure: Phase ratio in time 4 seconds