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Test case description

  • Idealized mixer model
  • The test case geometry is following:
openfoam tutorial mixer vessel 1
openfoam tutorial mixer vessel 2
openfoam tutorial mixer vessel 3

Figure: OpenFOAM tutorial mixerVessel2D. Geometry view.

  • Test case is two-dimensional
  • In the center of domain there is a rotor with four blades
  • Peripheral wall is not moving
  • Steady-state solution of turbulent flow of incompressible fluid
  • For simulating the rotation we use Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) method
  • MRF adds source term (acceleration) to velocity (momentum) equations
  • Source term is applied on volume cells cellZone

# run
# cp -r $FOAM_TUTORIALS/incompressible/simpleFoam/mixerVessel2D ./
# cd mixerVessel2D