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Generally about meshes for turbulent RANS flows

  • Turbulent boundary layer contains near wall region (54 55  5655 57) that holds Law of the wall:7.1

  • Turbulent boundary layer can be displayed in dimensionless coordinates 59 a 60
sketch turbulent boundary layer uy

Figure: A sketch of developed turbulent boundary layer in dimensionless coordinates 60 and 59

  • Friction velocity 60 can be expressed: 59



  • Wall shear stress 62 can be expressed:7.2



  • Turbulence modeling has important parameter 6464
  •  can be expressed:



  • While first cell at the wall corresponds to 64 66 67, turbulence model (Low-Reynolds model) can be used in whole computational domain
  • If first cell at the wall corresponds to 54 55 59 55 57, it is necessary to model the turbulent quantities using the wall functions
  • Having real geometries and external aerodynamics the requirement on 59 66 67 can be barely reached
  • Wall functions are often used