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Script for creating mesh - Solid Region

Following bash script can be used to run all at once. It is recommended to create file e.g. createMesh.sh:

surfaceFeatureExtract | tee 1-surfaceFeatureExtract.log
rm -rf 1 2 3 4 processor*
blockMesh | tee 2-blockMesh.log
decomposePar | tee 3-decomposePar.log
mpirun -np 4 snappyHexMesh -parallel | tee 4-snappyHexMesh.log
reconstructParMesh -mergeTol 1e-6 -latestTime | tee 5-reconstructParMesh.log
renumberMesh -latestTime | tee 6-renumberMesh.log
transformPoints -scale '(1e-3 1e-3 1e-3)' | tee 7-transformPoints.log
checkMesh -latestTime | tee 8-checkMesh.log
cp -rf 3/polyMesh/* constant/polyMesh/
rm -rf 1 2 3 4 processor*

Script file can be executed e.g.:

1 3 sh createMesh.sh