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Turbo Blade Post

Turbo Blade Post is a product of company CFD Support s.r.o. (www.cfdsupport.com). It was especially created to enable an effective graphical postprocessing of rotating machinery – both radial and axial machines such as pumps, hydro turbines, compressors, turbochargers, propellers and many more. Turbo Blade Post is a set of following plugins (filters) for ParaView http://www.paraview.org/(www.paraview.org):
  • Turbo Unwrap – for visualization of the blade-to-blade view or 2D plots around the blades.
  • Meridional Average – for evaluation and visualization of the meridional averages in the blade passage.
More information about Turbo Blade Post can be found in the chapter [*] or on CFD Support web site: https://www.cfdsupport.com/turbo-blade-post.htmlhttps://www.cfdsupport.com/turbo-blade-post.html.
turbo blade post screen shot francis cfd 1

Figure: ParaView screen shot of Turbo Blade Post

menu 1

Figure:Turbo Blade Post filters in ParaView menu