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This is an automatically generated documentation by LaTeX2HTML utility. In case of any issue, please, contact us at info@cfdsupport.com.


  1. Request the trial version (this step is only needed for TCFD trial version – in case you already purchased the TCFD perpetual version – please skip this step): https://www.cfdsupport.com/turbomachinery-cfd-demo.html
  2. Download TCFD\textregistered TCFD-18.10*.tar.gz
  3. In terminal install it into your favorite directory (e.g. /home/michael/): bash TCFD-18.10v1*.tar.gz -install
  4. Copy two license files (License.key and License.dat) to the directory /home/michael/TCFD-18.10*
  5. Ready to run now!
  6. In a new terminal source the system variables (with every new terminal, or add this to your $HOME/.bashrc for permanent usage): source /home/michael/TCFD-18.10*/OpenFOAM-dev/etc/ bashrc-release
  7. A ready-to-run tutorial can be found in: /home/michael/TCFD-18.10*/TurbomachineryCFD/tutorials/ CFDProcessor/axial-fan-simple Other tutorials can be downloaded from: https://www.cfdsupport.com/download-cases.html