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Cut the Valve Body

  • In this section the valve body will be split into two parts.
  • These two following names will be used: “inlet part” and “outlet part
  • The splitting plane will be the cap of the valve plug in a fully closed position.
  • Start with showing the newly generated shell of the valve plug (see figurecrossref).
  • Take a look at the overlapping faces of the valve plug and the valve body: region12-first-version and region3-closed
  • These two parts are shown in the figure crossref.

Figure: Valve Plug and Valve Body, the overlapping faces

  • The details of overlaying parts of the valve body compound and the valve plug shell are in the figures crossref and crossref. Exploded faces of compound will be cut on these places. 

Figure: Top overlapping


Figure: Bottom overlapping

  • Now cut off the overlapping faces of the valve body using the valve plug as a cutting tool.
  • Make 4 cuts in total. In the upper menu Operations > Boolean > Cut – the window “Cut of Objects” appears – follow figures crossref (top cut) and crossref (bottom cut). 
  • Main Object consists of faces of the valve body and Tool Object consists of faces of the valve plug.
  • Then click Apply or Apply and Close.
  • Do this four times, follow the figures: crossref, crossref

Figure: Cut of top faces


Figure: Cut of bottom faces

  • Now explode (split) the first two cuts into the faces.
  • Hide or remove the faces of the compound cut higher than the edge of the plug (see figure crossref).
  • At the bottom there will be created an interface between two regions – “inlet part and outlet part of the valve body (see figure crossref).

Figure: Hide or remove all the faces of the top cut