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2D Mesh Definition

This section presents a setup and generating of a surface mesh to be exported as STL files and imported to an external meshing program. This step is crucial to achieve outstanding CFD results. Before generating a computational mesh you should know the minimal size of cells adjacent to the surface/boundaries. The STL surface model should always have smaller cells than the future CFD volume mesh. This is especially important at curved parts of the model and everywhere where any quantity is about to be evaluated (torque, pressure, …).

  • Navigate to the menu Mesh -> Create Mesh and follow these steps (see Fig. crossref 3):
  1. Set the Geometry to Cyclone-final.
  2. Rename Name to Cyclone-STL.
  3. Set Mesh Type to Triangular.
  4. Set the Algorithm to Netgen 1D-2D .
  5. Click settings icon next to the Hypothesis window and choose NETGEN 2D Parameters and new window apears.
  6. In Hypothesis Construction window rename the name to STL NETGEN 2D Parameters.
  7. Set Max. size to 71 1.
  8. Set Min. size to 72 1.
  9. Set Fineness to Very Fine.
  10. Click OK and afterwards click Apply and Close.

Figure: New 2D mesh.

  • For the CFD purposes, it is appropriate to define the extra parts of surface geometry which will be used to define the boundaries, i.e. inlets, outlets and walls.
  • Navigate to the the menu Mesh > Create Group and follow the steps (see Fig. crossref) which have been already discussed at page crossref.
  • Create the groups Cyclone-inlet, Cyclone-outlet and Cyclone-wall.
  • Compute mesh (navigate to the menu Mesh > Compute).


  • Finally the computed mesh has to be exported to the STL files.
  • To export each part of the model highlight the Cyclone-inlet in the Object Browser and navigate to menu File > Export > STL file.
  • Save it as Cyclone-inlet.stl.
  • Repeat the same for Cyclone-outlet and Cyclone-wall.