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Case Description

  • The aim of this NACA4412 test case is to test turbulence models at NACA4412 airfoil profile.
  • A NACA4412 test case is a typical test case for testing an external aerodynamics.
  • This test case is suitable to follow the grid convergence.
  • This test case is suitable to follow the differences in RANS, LES and DES approaches.
  • A free-stream flows around the simple 2D airfoil profile.
  • The pressure coefficient $ C_p$ distribution is tested.
  • The test case is described in NASA pages: http://turbmodels.larc.nasa.gov/naca4412sep_val.html
  • The test case is already preset.
NACA4412 airfoil profile
Figure: A sketch of NACA4412 airfoil profile.