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Testing new turbulence model

    • Copy tutorial test case cavity for solver pisoFoam (solver for unsteady incompressible turbulent flow):

      # cd $FOAM_RUN
      # cp -r $FOAM_TUTORIALS/incompressible/\
      pisoFoam/RAS/cavity ./

    • Test case is already preset


    • In file system/controlDict add line referring to new turbulence models library:

      $ {\textcolor{blue}{\mathsf {In \ Linux: }}}$


      libs ("libuserincompressibleRASModels.so");

      $ {\textcolor{red}{\mathsf {In \ Windows: }}}$


      libs ("libuserincompressibleRASModels.dll");


    • In file constant/turbulenceProperties change RASModel and add section with models coefficients:


      simulationType    RAS;
          RASModel        kEpsilonCprod;
          turbulence      on;
          printCoeffs     on;
              Cprod       10.0;


    • Run test case:

      # blockMesh

      # pisoFoam > log &


    • Notice the model coefficients in solver output in file log




Figure: Cavity model with kEpsilonCprod turbulence model