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Deleting of unnecessary fields during the simulation

  • In case of transient simulation there are many saved times containing all the flow field variables – in fact each saved time takes quite a lot disk space. Not all the flow field variables are always useful and therefore one can prepare the deleteFields.sh script – which is very useful bash script for deleting flow field variables during the calculation. See the listing of the deleteFields.sh script below.
  • The script deletes fields enumerated in the list ‘toDeleteFields’ on line 11. As it is set by default the only fields p (pressure) and U (velocity) remain saved for each saved time-step.
  • After launching the script – it waits on background and it looks for toDeleteFields and remove them every 2 hours. The timing can be changed on line 12 – the parameter ‘sleepHours’.
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #
#   ==   ===  ==                                                              #
#  ||   ||=  || ))  support s. r. o. 2017, www.cfdsupport.com                 #
#   ==  ||    ==                                                              #
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #
# Deleting Script: deletes fields "toDeleteFields" in processor* folders      #
#                  every "sleepHours" hours (for saving space in storage)     #
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #

toDeleteFields="U_0 Uar Uart Uat Uf Uf_0 Urt nuTilda_0 nuTilda nut pTot p_rgh phi"

while true; do
    echo Deleting fields $toDeleteFields
    for name in $toDeleteFields; do
        find ./processor* -name $name -not -wholename "*/0/*" | xargs rm -v
    sleep ${sleepHours}h