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  • For rotor rotation we use the Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) method
  • MRF method is based on adding source term into momentum equation
  • Always applied on zone of cells
  • MRF properties are set in constant/MRFProperties file:



    cellZone    rotor;
    active      yes;

    // Fixed patches (by default they 'move' with the MRF zone)
    nonRotatingPatches ();

    origin    (0 0 0);
    axis      (0 0 1);
    omega     constant 6.2831853;


  • NOTE: The direction of rotation is given by the “right hand rule” that say if fingers on the right hand follow the direction of rotation, the thumb define the axis vector
  • In the file constant/MRFProperties we can find the list of rotating zones
  • In this case there is only one zone called rotor
  • In section nonRotatingPatches we write list of patches, which are in the zone, but are not rotating
  • origin is a point in the axis of rotation
  • axis is the direction vector of rotation axis
  • omega stands for revolutions per second (6.2831853 rad/s = 360 $ ^o$/s = 1 revs/s = 60 revs/min.)