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Duct Tutorial Comments

  • The simulation set up is very similar to the simpleFoam based simulations (steady-state, incompressible, turbulent flow).
  • Only three new quantities are introduced.
  • pa – adjoint pressure. Same settings as standard pressure. With the adjointOutletPressure boundary condition at the outlet patch.
  • Ua – adjoint velocity. Same settings as standard velocity. With the adjointOutletVelocity boundary condition at the outlet patch. And also velocity direction is opposite to the real inflow.
  • The important new quantity is alpha – the porosity distribution. alpha shows those regions in the mesh, which increase the pressure drop the most. And these regions have no big effect on the main flow at the same time.
  • With current version of adjointShapeOptimizationFoam the porosity distribution alpha is written down with final time.
  • NOTE: With current version of adjointShapeOptimizationFoam solver the inlet patch has to be called strictly inlet.