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Boundary types

  • Boundary types are set in constant/polyMesh/boundary

  • Basic types of boundaries in OpenFOAM are shown in following table:


    Boundary typeDescription
    patchgeneral boundary (e.g. inlet, outlet)
    emptyempty, only for 2D computations
    wedgeaxis symmetry
    cyclicperiodic (cyclic) boundary condition
    cyclicAMIgeneralized cyclic
    wallrigid wall
    processorinter-processor boundary (parallel computations)
  • Boundary types are set in constant/polyMesh/boundary
  • patch
    Patch condition contains no geometric or topological information about mesh. Typically patch is used for an inlet or an outlet.
  • symmetryPlane
    Symmetry plane (mirroring quantity)
  • empty
    Empty boundary condition is used for simplified cases (quasi 3D fluid flow)
  • wedge
    Axis symmetric computations, see figure [*].
  • cyclic
    Periodic boundary condition for regularly repeating solution (translation, rotation).
  • cyclicAMI
    Generalized cyclic, there is no need for meshes to fit each other point to point. Useful for cyclic cases and for connecting meshes consisting of more regions.
  • wall
    Rigid walls
  • processor
    When domain decomposed into sub-domains
openfoam wedge case

Figure: OpenFOAM Wedge case example