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  • Those parts that are not needed for a CFD simulation will be cleaned now.
  • You can just hide them. And later export just visible parts of the model.
  • To pre-process the valve model, only the Shell_10 (shell that represents valve body) is needed.
  • Hide all the shells but the Shell_10
  • NOTE: Hiding manually many other shells may be annoying. By clicking right mouse button on the Shell_10 you can select an option Show Only.
  • Now Shell_10 can be split (exploded) into individual faces using the same procedure which was used when splitting original Globe Valvess model.
  • Shell_10 > New entity > Explode This time the Main Object is Shell_10 and Sub-shapes Type is automatically set to Face. After confirming the operation Shell_10 is exploded into 255 faces.
  • The surface model is now split into the faces (basic elements).
  • Now hide all the unimportant faces by selecting and clicking right mouse button and select hide. Those are all those faces, who are not in contact with fluid flow.
  • NOTE: To select multiple faces keep pressed shift key while selecting them.
  • Keep hiding faces until all the faces which are not needed for your CFD simulation are hidden.
  • In the figure crossref you can see the partial state of hiding unimportant faces
  • In the figure crossref you can see only the important faces – faces that are in the contact with the fluid flow

Figure: Some faces are already hidden


Figure: Valve Body, hiding (cleaning) process finished