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Creating a Group of Faces for Meshing.

For meshing, both in SALOME and in OpenFOAM, it is useful to create Groups, a several parts of the surface model. i.e. inlet, outlet and all parts of the model which define different parts of boundary. For special wall refinement, boundary conditions, CFD results evaluation, etc., etc.

Navigate to the menu New Entity > Group > Create Group and follow these steps (see Fig.crossref):

  1. Select the third icon (blue rectangle) in the Shape Type section. From left to right the icons have the following meaning: Create a Group from Points, Edges, Faces or Solids.
  2. Set the Main Shape to Cyclone-final.
  3. Set the Name to Cyclone-inlet.
  4. In the viewer click the inlet Face and click the Add button.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. New window appears.
  7. Repeat the similar steps to create the Cyclone-outlet, Cyclone-wall and the Cyclone-ring.
  • NOTE: Cyclone-wall contains all the Faces except Cyclone-inlet and Cyclone-outlet. Therefore, to create Group Cyclone-wall click the Cyclone-inlet Face and Cyclone-outlet Face and then click the Hide selected button. Afterwards, all the remaining Faces can be denoted by holding left mouse button and dragging it over these Faces.
  • NOTE: To select the Cyclone-ring Face, first hide the necessary Faces to see the “ring” Face.
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Last but not least, Group of Edges is created for further mesh generation purposes (see Fig. crossref 3):

  1. Select the second icon (line) in Shape Type section.
  2. Set the Main Shape to Cyclone-final.
  3. Set the Name to Cyclone-ring-wire.
  4. In the viewer click the desired edges and click the Add button.
  5. Click Apply and Close.
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