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Create a Planar Curve

The main part of a cyclone geometry can be designed as a solid of revolution. Therefore in the first step a plane curve is created. This process creates the cyclone model introduced in Figure crossref and the Table crossref.


  • Start the SALOME software.
  • When the SALOME is loaded open new Geometry module.
  • Navigate to the menu New Entity > Basic > 3D Sketch (see Figure crossref).
    • NOTE: We use 3D Sketch to align the axis of symmetry with the Z-direction. Otherwise 2D Sketch can be used to create a plane curve in XY-plane.

Figure: 3D Sketch tool.

  • In the 3D Sketch Construction window (see Fig. crossref 3) the points which create a curve are to be imposed.
  • The particular cyclone dimensions are listed in the Table crossref 3 and setting Z-coordinate of the bottom part to zero.
  • Change the parameter Result name to Cyclone-sketch.
  • The following points are imposed:
    1. img541 1 and click Apply.
    2. 54 1 and click Apply.
    3. 55 2 and click Apply.
    4. 56 1 and click Apply.
    5. 57 1 and click Apply.
    6. 58 1 and click Apply.
    7. 59 1 and click Apply.
    8. 60 1 and click Apply.
    9. 61 1 and click Apply.
    10. 62 1 and click Apply.

Figure: 3D Sketch Construction.

Finally, to create a sketch click Sketch Validation.