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Mesh generation

  • There are just a few differences in mesh generation setup related with the porous zone.
  • STL model includes an engine compartment.
  • Add a new refinement surfaces into snappyHexMeshDict.
  • The openings in the car body (3D models combiMotor-front.stl and combiMotor-bottom.stl ) are placed there so that we may later use them in the next chapter.
  • You may use ParaView to check that these models exactly fit into the openings in combiMotor.stl. Just open the STL files using File 45 2 Open.
  • The last region heatExchanger should have the same dimensions as the heat exchanger (porous zone) has. It should be added into snappyHexMeshDict in order to create homogeneous mesh in the heat exchanger (porous zone).
  • Also, we will use snappyHexMesh to create a cellZone.

Figure: Car model with an engine compartment


Figure: Engine compartment with the heat exchanger