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SnappyHexMesh mesh

This Section describes snapphyHexMesh parameters defined in snappyHexHeshDict file and explains their meaning. Open the snappyHexHeshDict in system directory and go steb-by-step through the file:

// Which of the steps to run
castellatedMesh true;
snap true;
addLayers true;
  • sf snappyHexMesh mesh generation consists of three main phases:
    • castellating phase – the background mesh is being gradually refined with respect to the input geometry and defined parameters; at the end of this phase, the cells which are out of the region to be meshed are deleted
    • snapping phase – this phase does not perform any cell refinement, it transforms and modifies cells to achieve best alignment with the input geometry
    • add layers phase – it adds a boundary layer
  • Each phase can be enabled or disabled by appropriate keyword:
    • YES: true, yes, on
    • NO: false, no, off
  • An example of results after each phase is depicted in Figure crossref 2

Figure: SnappyHexMesh phases: background mesh -> castellatedMesh -> snap -> addLayers.