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The most common service and our daily bread.

Based on your specific requirements, we will prepare a complete CFD analysis with a clear time horizon of the project completion.

The output is usually a specific study with the results of simulations and their interpretation. Your data is safe with us – strict NDA is always applied in our case, as well as the maximum standard of data security including those who work with them.

Results delivery is a complete CFD analysis in a form of project or long-term outsourcing. Customers do not have to care about anything on the technical side, they just specify inputs and outputs of the project. There are no requirements regarding human resources, software, hardware or space.

The most common projects in CFD support company are typically the ones, where the customer is asking to replace his/her current methodology based on some commercial software with OpenFOAM® methodology. This methodology conversion to OpenFOAM® is motivated by cost savings. The client will be able to use the extra money saved on cheaper and more efficient CFD technology somewhere else.

There is also a significant amount of our CFD projects investigating some complicated physical phenomena and proposing the adequate and best solutions to our customers. Such a CFD project we call CFD study.

The CFD projects aiming on automation of workflow connected with CFD are also very popular nowadays. The CFD Process Automation is probably the biggest CFD challenge of the future leading to huge increase of productivity. The benefits are time and cost savings and elimination of human error. The whole CFD process is automated (from preprocessing to CFD simulation and results in required data format). The new tools and methods are integrated into client’s existing PLM environments.

The last but not least group of projects is tailor-made OpenFOAM® customization. Our client simply chooses what functionality is required and we prepare it exactly according to his/her requirements.

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