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Running blockMesh

  • Each application has its help:
    # blockMesh -help
    Usage: blockMesh [OPTIONS]                                                                                                        
      -blockTopology    write block edges and centres as .obj files                                                                   
      -case <dir>       specify alternate case directory, default is the cwd                                                          
      -dict <file>      specify alternative dictionary for the blockMesh description                                                  
      -noClean          keep the existing files in the polyMesh                                                                       
                        do not execute functionObjects
      -region <name>    specify alternative mesh region
      -srcDoc           display source code in browser
      -doc              display application documentation in browser
      -help             print the usage
    Block description
      For a given block, the correspondence between the ordering of
      vertex labels and face labels is shown below.
      For vertex numbering in the sequence 0 to 7 (block, centre):
        faces 0 (f0) and 1 are left and right, respectively;
        faces 2 and 3 are bottom and top;
        and faces 4 and 5 are front the back:
               4 ---- 5
          f3   |\     |\   f5
          |    | 7 ---- 6   \
          |    0 |--- 1 |    \
          |     \|     \|    f4
          f2     3 ---- 2
                f0 ----- f1
    Using: OpenFOAM-dev (see www.OpenFOAM.org)
    Build: dev-e2ccbbbb
  • Parameter -help displays options of each application
  • Run blockMesh application in test case directory:
    # cd $FOAM_RUN /cavity
    # blockMesh
  • Application checkMesh displays important information about the generated mesh:
    # checkMesh