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Cyclone Geometry

Cyclone separator is an equipment typically being used for removing particulates from a liquid. To avoid using filters. Roughly speaking the separation process is made by a rotation effect and a gravity. Its particular design depends on a typical particle size, its density and a kind of liquid.

Figure crossref shows a sketch of a simple cyclone geometry. The Table crossref presents a nomenclature of cyclone parameters and its particular dimensions for this tutorial.


Figure: The Cyclone geometry.

Table: Description of cyclone geometry and its particular dimensions (in gray).
$ D_t$ cyclone cone tip diameter      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 400\rm {mm}$\egroup]
\bgroup\color{gray}$ D_b$\egroup cyclone body diameter      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 800\rm {mm}$\egroup]
\bgroup\color{gray}$ D_x$\egroup cyclone vortex finder diameter (outer)      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 360\rm {mm}$\egroup]
\bgroup\color{gray}$ D_o$\egroup cyclone vortex finder diameter (inner)      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 300\rm {mm}$\egroup]
\bgroup\color{gray}$ H_s$\egroup solid discharge height      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 500\rm {mm}$\egroup]
\bgroup\color{gray}$ H_c$\egroup cyclone cone height      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 1000\rm {mm}$\egroup]
\bgroup\color{gray}$ H_b$\egroup cyclone body height      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 1000\rm {mm}$\egroup]
\bgroup\color{gray}$ H_v$\egroup vortex finder height      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 400\rm {mm}$\egroup]
\bgroup\color{gray}$ H_o$\egroup outlet tube height      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 1000\rm {mm}$\egroup]
\bgroup\color{gray}$ I_h$\egroup inlet height      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 350\rm {mm}$\egroup]
\bgroup\color{gray}$ I_w$\egroup inlet width      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 150\rm {mm}$\egroup]
\bgroup\color{gray}$ I_d$\egroup inlet length (inlet patch \bgroup\color{gray}$ \rightarrow$\egroup cyclone middle plane distance)      [ \bgroup\color{gray}$ 1000\rm {mm}$\egroup]