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  • Solvers are executable applications for numerical simulations of Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Source code of solvers is located in the path of system variable $FOAM_SOLVERS
  • You can jump to the OpenFOAM solvers directory e.g using system variable
    # cd $FOAM_SOLVERS
  • You can jump to the OpenFOAM solvers directory e.g using alias sol:
    # sol
    # ls -l
  • Basic types of solvers:

    basicpotential flow, Laplace and transport equations
    combustioncombustion fluid flows
    compressiblecompressible fluid flows
    discreteMethodsmolecule movement
    DNSdirect numerical simulations
    electromagneticselectrostatics, magnetohydrodynamics
    financialBlack-Scholes equation to price commodities
    heatTransferheat transfers flows
    incompressibleincompressible flows
    lagrangianLagrangian approach to CFD
    multiphasemultiphase flows
    stressAnalysisstress analysis in a solid body