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Convergence monitoring using foamLog

  • Convergence of computation can be displayed using application foamLog
  • Useful for detailed analysis
  • Output is read from file e.g. log.simpleFoam
  • Application foamLog extracts important information and saves it to directory logs:

    # foamLog log.simpleFoam

  • Use Gnuplot 7.5
  • It is possible to watch convergence of any quantity:
  • Create new gnuplot script e.g. plot-k_0.gp:
    # Gnuplot script file for plotting data from file "k_0"
    set logscale y
    plot 'logs/k_0'
    pause mouse
  • 5 4 
    # gnuplot plot-k_0.gp

Figure: OpenFOAM tutorial motor bike. Residuals of turbulent kinetic energy k

6 3: Run plot-k_0.gp, by opening the script file in gnuplot program. This can be done as follows: Open gnuplot outside cygwin. Click on ChDir button (change directory) and navigate to the motorBike directory. Then click on open button and open the script.