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snappyHexMesh log

Each run of snappyHexMesh utility prints a log of the meshing process. The information are printed chronologically and grouped into following sections:


  • Reading the input data
    • First lines give mainly information about the input geometry and refinement levels defined for them.
    • It is always good to follow these lines, because in case you make any misprint for the input geometry, the log will inform you that some part of the defined geometry cannot be read.
  • Refinement phase
    Refinement phase
    • Gives you information about the mesh statistics after each step of the refinement process:
      • Feature refinement – refinement at the defined feature edges
      • Surface refinement – refinement at the defined surfaces
      • Gap refinement – refinement of small gaps
      • Shell refinement – refinement of cells with respect to defined regions (distance, inside, outside, …)
      • Removing mesh – removing of unreachable cells
    • At the end of this phase the log contains informations about overall amount of cells.
      Refined mesh : cells:63297  faces:224343  points:99682
  • Morphing phase
    Morphing phase
    • Shows a process of morphing the mesh, e.g., mesh quality for each morph iteration


  • Layer addition phase
    Shrinking and layer addition phase
    • Shows information about preparing the mesh for the layer addition (shrinking) and layer addition process itself
    • It is useful to check a table of loaded layer parameters:
      patch faces    layers avg thickness[m]
                        near-wall overall
      ----- -----    ------ --------- -------
      C 1718     3      0.00318   0.0151  
      F 15342    2      0.00143   0.00311 
      D 4366     3      0.00329   0.0118
    • At the end you should check the final statistics of added layer:
      patch faces    layers   overall thickness
                          [m]       [%]
      ----- -----    ------   ---       ---
      C 1718     2.86     0.0141    90.3    
      F 15342    1.84     0.00253   78      
      D 4366     2.39     0.00833   61.4
    • The last column tells you a success rate of the layer addition process.